Monday, June 6, 2011

Light Saber - with Pool Noodle Blades

We have 6 mass manufactured lightsabers that extend, retract, light up, and buzz. But, these all suck when it comes to having an epic battle... because they hurt, especially the little one. My boys are 5 & 8 yrs. old. The kids really want the satisfaction of swinging their lightsabers hard and hitting their targets with a solid thud. I really want the boys to not get hurt or even cry from perceived pain. 

So, here is my solution: The Lightsaber with a Pool Noodle Blade! 

This activity might not be safe for everyone, so use your own judgment and use at your own risk. If you're not sure, DON'T DO IT. 

This project will take about 30 minutes and $5 per set of 2 lightsabers. We spent hours afterwards battling! 

     Pool noodle from Walmart: ~$2
     1/2" PVC pipes (3 ft. long): ~$3
     misc. tapes
     Measuring tape
     Serrated bread knife
* Each Jedi has different color lightsaber.  
* Ask your boys which Star Wars Jedi he wants to be. 
* Let them tell you about their favorite Jedi. 
* If you don't know how to cut the PVC pipes, ask the nice guys at Home Depot or Lowe's to cut them for you. 

Step 1: (boys do this part.)
Measure the length of pool noodles. 
Divide the length number by 2. 
Mark the length. 
Cut the noodles in half with serrated bread knife
* Remind the boys why math is important.  

Step 2: (boys do this part)
Use the file to round off the edges of the PVC Pipes. 
This is necessary to get the pipes to slide it without cutting the hole in the pool noodle. 

Step 3a: (boys do this part)
Wet the hole of the noodle with water. 
Wet the PVC pipe. 

Step 3b: (dads do this part)
Push the PVC pipe through the noodle. 
Make sure that PVC pipe stops at about 3 inches before the top end. (This will make sure that the kids will only get hit with the foam, not with the PVC, when thrusting.)

Step 4: (dads do this part)
Cover the handle of the Lightsaber with duct tape. 

Step 5: 
(boys do this part)
Make your Lightsaber unique with different type of tape. We used black electrical tape, silver tape, sports wrap, and more duct tape. 

Now you're ready battle! 

Suggested Safety Rules:
1. NO attacks to the head or neck. 
2. NO throwing Lightsaber. 
(getting hit with the handle could hurt)
3. Everybody stops when somebody yells "STOP". 

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  1. Hey Dadly Ninja, Thanks for the neat post on the pvc/pool noodle light sabers. I spent a lot of time tracking you down as I saw this post quite some time ago. Added it to a Star Wars Roundup. May the 4th be with you :) ~Sheila